Take a deep dive into Ventura High Schools annual cardboard boat races


Logan Wilkov

Cougars compete during the ‘19-‘20 cardboard boat races 

Students in groups of three to a maximum of six gathered on the pool deck on Nov. 14, ready to test their creation made of only cardboard and duct tape. Teams were given from third period to fifth to hand craft their boats to sustain the raging water of the Ventura High School Graham pool. 

Sophomore Logan Bobis, the head of the extra curricular committee within the Associated Student Body, commented, “[there’s] three heats for the students to compete and win the best cardboard boat. This year we had a great turnout with lots of students supporting during lunch. Overall a successful event.” 

VHS students take off with their handcrafted cardboard boats into the Graham pool mid second heat. Photo by Logan Wilkov

Students of all ages in their groups lined up from both sides of the pool competed for the grand trophy in three heats. The last heat consisted of the three winners of each heat. By the time the three winners competed for first, most boats were soaked by the pool water and were unable to complete the last and final race. 

This year’s winner of the cardboard boat races was, “The Larsons.” With a remarkable time finished, they wiped everyone out of the competition. Seniors Camron Neville, Aidan Garza, Aaron Palmisano, Nate Johnston, Omar Espinoza, and Raymond Sayles collaborated amongst one another to design the most sustainable boat. Because of their similar interest in math, “we took hydrodynamics into account when building the boat,” explained Neville. “High walls to avoid water from flying into the boat and we knew the front had to be the most durable,” continued Neville.

Junior Grace Endaya who participated in the races on team “Titanic”, added, “building the boat was a challenge and a lot of work but totally worth the end result. Even though we didn’t win, being with friends made it go by very fast, it was an overall super fun experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year.” 

This annual event organized by the Associated Student Body is a simple paper away for you and a group of friends to participate in. If you have a chance next year to participate, it is something to consider.