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VHS sophomores put the fire in Phoenix

 At the end of the race, win or loose, all competitors are awarded a medal for their participation and are recognized for raising money for a good cause. Photo from: James Locher.

Bella Young

March 12, 2020

 Annual Phoenix Triathlon proceeds go towards former VHS teacher’s scholarship fund Sunday, March 1 was the 13th annual Phoenix Triathlon that took place at the YMCA at 8 a.m. The event was put on by 10th grade Honors English teachers James Locher and Mary Dietz and involves teams of three who pa...

What’s behind door number 57?

Mr. Chamaa happily poses with his carefully sought out pickle. Photo by: Riley Ramirez

Katie Medina and Riley Ramirez

October 10, 2019

A glimpse into the world of Pierre Chamaa Ventura High is filled with many diverse teachers who are truly the backbone of the campus. With each teacher comes a new story, one of which being Pierre Chamaa’s. This year in Ventura High’s Math department, Chamaa teaches Math 3 Honors periods 3, 6, an...

Are phones the real distraction?

Are phones the real distraction?

Gavin Cross and Malik Hibbler

June 5, 2019

In almost all of my classes phones are a repetitive everyday problem for teachers. Having to take them away and send them up to the office is really just a waste of time. If a student is able to multitask, which is a function limited to some, they should be allowed to pull out their phones and check a text ...

The Eras of Education

Todarello remembers thinking it was

Acacia Harrell and Archer Herring

January 7, 2019

The high school experience… a pillar of American education. Many students experience similar things throughout their high school years, but the experiences are all different depending on the years they grew up. According to and, being in high school during the 195...

Cougars and staff showcase their comedic talent at Faculty Fun-Raiser

Susan Adamich, librarian at VHS, explained that she participates in these types of shows because she

Saida Delgadillo and Tanya Turchyn

December 13, 2018

On Friday, Dec. 7, faculty and a select few students of Ventura High School came to the stage to perform the annual Improv “Faculty Fun-Raiser,” displaying their comedic talents through different games and scenes such as Park Bench, Movie Critic and ABC’s. Besides the faculty, What? Improv Troup...

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