Opinion: Is Mexico in your travel plans?


This map depicts the many town areas in the city of Guadalajara. According to the World Population Review about 5,179,479 people inhabit Guadalajara. Photo by: Alexis Mendoza

Alexis Mendoza

If not, it should be.

Ever since quarantine began, many students have wondered when they would have the chance to travel again. During these hard times, COVID-19 rates have skyrocketed to record numbers leaving families to stay inside for their safety. While there may be not much to do, there is still time to plan future locations to travel to. One of many popular locations that students travel to is Mexico. Mexico has a wide variety of states that hold many extravagant experiences. 

Senior Brian Genhart stated, “Currently, it’s going to be my first time ever traveling to Mexico this summer, and I am very excited to see what my experiences will be like.” Genhart plans to travel with his family to Guadalajara which is the capital of Jalisco, but before his travel he also plans to learn the Spanish language. He also wants to learn about the history of Mexico and its culture. Genhart also stated, “During my stay, I plan to spend time with my family while exploring the city of Guadalajara and making fun memories.”     

This old photo shows the Parroquia De San Cristobal which is located in Mazamitla, Jalisco. Photo by Alexis Mendoza

Meanwhile junior Nuvia Cervantes said, “When I was little my family and I traveled to Jalisco and it was a very fun experience. During our stay my favorite moment was when me and my family explored a forest and saw lots of different animals. After exploring the forest, we went to my dad’s old house which he built, and it was very fascinating since it held lots of interesting stories and memories.” Cervantes explained that Mexico holds a very special place in her heart since most of her family is from there. That’s why she can’t wait to visit Mexico in the future.

Personally, after lots of memories I experienced in Mexico, I have to recommend it for anyone who chooses to visit a different country. Mexico has very intriguing culture and history, with very lively cities. It also contains beautiful beaches and very delicious cuisines. It’s interesting to experience how other people live their daily lives in Mexico which is far different than any other country. During my stay, I felt much love for the culture that resides in Mexico which makes me very intrigued to visit again each year.