Pin it to win it


Samantha Franks and Bailey Peck

Ventura High School’s varsity wrestling team competed in a rivalry tournament against Buena High School on Thursday, January 18. The tournament took place at Buena and VHS emerged triumphant, 60-15.

There were 14 matches, each match was three periods unless a wrestler got pinned by his opponent. If he was pinned down, he automatically lost. Out of the 14 matches, VHS won 11 and lost three. In total, seven VHS varsity wrestlers won by pin.

When asked how the tournament went in comparison to previous tournaments, senior Ashton Matheny said, “The team was very confident going into the duel, and very motivated after losing a close duel to them last year.”

Matheny added, “I think our team was better prepared than their team was. I wouldn’t say they were easy but they were definitely not the hardest team that we have wrestled.”

When asked how he felt going into his match, senior Gabriel Cline responded, “Confident, I’ve been waiting a whole year to go against him again and I’ve been working hard the past year.”

On his win, Cline said, “I had a feeling I was but I didn’t expect an easy win.”

Varsity wrestling has their next tournament on Tuesday, January 23 against Santa Barbara.