Black Friday vs Cyber Monday


Senior River Winn (left) and sophomore Julianna Jacobs-Vargas (right) getting super pumped for their bank accounts to go in the single digits after all the cyber Monday deals they plan to snag. Photo By: Janelle Chavira

Janelle Chavira

Senior Paris Gaston (left) and junior Natalia Lopez (right) don’t mind standing in long lines to get good deals on black Friday because for them it’s all apart of the experience. Photo by: Janelle Chavira

‘Tis the season, it’s that special time of year for everyone’s money to be spent on anything and everything they could ever want. The month of November tends to be overshadowed due to the excitement that Christmas instills in the month that follows, but November has a plethora of exciting things besides “turkey day.”

With November comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the most stressful days for retail workers, but the most profitable days for retailers in store and online. According to, over $2.7 billion dollars were brought in alone on Cyber Monday with $1.97 billion brought in on Black Friday in 2017.

Annually 122 million people in the United States partake in Cyber Monday, which is six million more than those who shop during black Friday and that doesn’t even take in account of those who shop both days.

When asked which day they preferred to shop on, junior Natalia Lopez said, “Black Friday because it’s a lot more fun to wake up early and go shopping.” Senior Paris Gaston added that she “prefers Black Friday as well” but shops more online than anything else so “Cyber Monday is the call”.

Senior Dylan Gildea plans to shop at Saint Laurent, Versace and Cartier this upcoming black Friday. Photo by: Janelle Chavira

Senior Dylan Gildea said, “This going to be my first year participating [in Black Friday and Cyber Monday].” When asked what day he was most excited to participate he said,  “Black Friday because I want to see all the crazy people running around trying to get good deals.” He also added that he plans to shop at Saint Laurent, Versace and Cartier. 

That brings the question of which day is better, sophomore Juliana Jacobs-Vargas said that she normally doesn’t participate but if she had money in her bank account she’d participate on “Cyber Monday because there’s more options and better deals online.” Senior River Winn added, “Cyber Monday because I really like online stores.”

Of course these students can’t speak for the entire school, but it is obvious that Cyber Monday is the day for deals. Whichever day you prefer is entirely up to you, just remember to shop safely and treat yourself to whatever deal calls to you.