Opinion: COVID-19 time warp


Scissors cutting through the year 2020, reflecting how it felt since it went by so fast. Graphic by: Avea Baker

Avea Baker

Over the past 2 years time has been flying by, it seems to be because of COVID-19

During this scary time of COVID-19 and social dilemmas, two years have passed us by. It is unbelievable that it is now 2022. I feel like mentally, I am still in 2019, maybe maximum New Years in 2019 but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. The year 2020 feels unreal, and this past year went by so fast, what is up with that?

Looking back on the years and all it is is a continuous blur. Maybe it has felt so weird because of the longing for a period of time to be over. For example the “two week” break the school districts went on turned into the rest of the year. We were all waiting to come back and when that passed by, those two weeks had gone by so fast. Especially with all the information pouring in, it occupies a lot of your thoughts and not on the seconds passing. Another example of this regards to the idea that all these problems will be left in the past year, it seems to be that when it was 2020 we were all hoping the new year would come ASAP to get out of the COVID-19 year. Therefore making it go by faster. 

Another part of the quarantine that is so confusing regarding time, is the premiere of shows. Specifically when I think of “Outer Banks,” it feels like the first season just came out but it was really almost two years ago. It is insane that so much time has passed since then. Also the iconic “Tiger King” came out in 2020 too. I really think it came out so much more recently then it truly has. 

After talking to fellow students and people outside of school it seems like we all feel the same. 

COVID-19 pushing the clock making time go faster. Graphic by: Avea Baker

Junior Kai Naverett said, “Where did 2021 go?” after discussing the fact that the New Year is here. Which is exactly what I have been asking myself all this year. 

This high anxiety state of mind tends to run true within the healthcare workers as well, they were impacted a large amount. After reading an article called “Why time feels so weird in 2020” by Reuters Graphics said, “Frontline healthcare workers, for example, know they are at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus, and the resulting anxiety heightens their attentiveness and slows their perception of how quickly a day passes.” Meaning that these frontline workers are so focused on something else that days pass so much faster. 

We have all heard of the idea that when it is busy and work, school, ect. The day tends to go by faster. This seems to also relate to covid and the constant busyness of the world, and new information. This point also came from senior Yves Declerck who said, “Time is going by faster because people have more time and freedom to do what they want, and have more leisure time to do what they need to do.” Relating right back to the idea that the day moves faster when a person is busy