Opinion: Menstrual products should be more accessible on campus


There is a lack of conventional period products at VHS for students who have periods. “We should absolutely not need to pay for period products ever. It is not our choice to bleed monthly,” said Clover Higgins ’23. Graphic by: Ella Montano

Ella Montano

There is a clear absence of easily accessible menstrual products at VHS, and we need to do something about it.

Students with periods, have you ever gone to the bathroom during your period with no other choice but to line your underwear with toilet paper and hope for the best? Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot. It seems almost impossible to find any menstrual products anywhere. Having a period is something no one can control when or where it happens, so why isn’t it easily accessible?

Getting your period during class can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially when you have forgotten a menstrual product. The next step is to ask every one of your friends if they have any pads or tampons, and if not, your only hope is the health office or the women’s locker room. 

Delaney Poulos ‘23 said, “ I have never gotten period products from the health office because it’s inconvenient and almost embarrassing. I would rather just ask a friend or someone in the bathroom.” 

Having to ask your teacher if you can go to the health office for a period product can be very embarrassing, and lately, the health office only gives out pads. 

Clover Higgins ‘23 said, “The last time I needed a tampon, I went to the health office and they said that they do not have them anymore, which was super annoying.” 

There are no menstrual product dispensers in any Ventura High School women’s bathrooms. Adding dispensers would help students in need to have quick accessibility to period products. “I think there should be free menstrual products in the bathrooms where it is convenient and accessible as well as affordable,” said Delaney Poulos ’23. Graphic by: Ella Montano

Pads can be extremely uncomfortable to wear all day. They are super bulky and can irritate the skin. It is also super difficult to exercise comfortably in them, but this is just some people’s preference. The next place you could go to is the women’s locker room, where you can purchase period products for 50 cents, which is outrageous. 

Poulos said, “In school, I think menstrual products should be provided just like how toilet paper is provided freely. Period products are a necessity, not a choice.”

This is too much of a hassle for students just trying not to bleed through their pants. To help make it easier and faster, pad and tampon dispensers should be installed in all women’s bathrooms. While some students may be irresponsible and take advantage of the free products, the students who actually need them will overrule them. If toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels are available and provided for students free of cost, why can’t menstrual products be too?