VHS Cougars just keep swimming…


Clayton Currie

On Saturday, April 14 it appeared that a regular swim meet was taking place at the Ventura High School pool. However, VHS swimmers were there for a reason other than competition.

The 100 100’s is an annual event put on by the VHS Swim team in order to raise money for the program. In order to partake in this event, athletes are expected to ask friends and relatives to donate money to the swim team. In exchange for these donations, the swimmer must swim 100 meters 100 times, for a grand total of 10,000 meters. This is the equivalent of swimming a 10k marathon.

When asked how he felt after completing the 100 100’s, senior Andy McCombs said, “I do not enjoy them, but it feels good when you finish them. I have done it all four years of high school.”

In the end, the event raised over $5,000 for the VHS swim team.