Banner Bold: from class to club


Lewandowski says the Banner Bold club is a lot of fun. Photo by:

Sarah Clench and Diego Roberto

If you’re not already familiar with Banner Bold, it is Ventura High School’s literary magazine that is put together by VHS students in order to showcase student creativity.

Every year, Banner Bold holds an annual competition where students can submit creative writing, art and photography, with the chance that it may be published in the edition.

In the previous school years, Banner Bold was a part of the Creative Writing class taught by Greg Raney, however this year, it became a student-run club that meets on Tuesdays at lunch in room 172.

Lewandowski says the Banner Bold club is a lot of fun. Photo by: Sarah Clench

This year, there are over 40 students already signed up for Banner Bold which is led by seniors Emily Lewandowski and Sierra Pacheco-Payan.

“Banner Bold is the school’s literary magazine, so I believe it really gives students a voice because some kids are quiet and you don’t ever get to hear from them, and I think it gives other people that we don’t ever hear from a chance to speak out,” said Lewandowski.

This year, the club will be hosting the seventh annual edition of Banner Bold. Once the committee receives all of the submissions, they will spend several months deciding which pieces of work are the best in each category and granting awards to students.

If you like managing, there’s a lot of managing jobs,” said Lewandowski. Lewandowski also hopes that “if you like writing, editing, taking pictures, writing poems, nonfiction, [but] editing in particular” you will try participating in the club.