Opinion: We’ve got a LOT to say about the lot!


Carson Peterson ’23 said, “I think I’d like to go to my car; I don’t think I’ve ever used a locker. Seniors don’t have lockers.” Photo by: Soraya Stegall

New rule prohibits students from going to the student parking lot at break, but why?

As of the 2022-23 school year, a new rule has been set prohibiting students from accessing the student parking lot during the 15-minute nutrition break. When asked why this rule was implemented, Ventura High School principal Marissa Rodriguez responded that it was due to too many student tardies and for safety needs on-campus. 

This new rule is inefficient and disregards the fact that many students utilize their cars to store their excess school supplies as well as snacks until they need them. Seniors, more specifically, were not given lockers this year, adding to the stress of getting from class to class on time. 

Carson Peterson ‘23 said, “Last year I went to my car during nutrition to grab my lunch or grab supplies for my next class that I didn’t want to lug around with me at school and things like that. SoI think it’s a helpful thing to have, especially access to your car.”  

Peterson said, “We’re in high school and I think we can comprehend whatever they tell us. I’m sure if the principal came out and had a valid reason for why we can’t go to our parking lots during nutrition we’d be like ‘OK,’ but right now it kind of feels like it’s just a rule that is not explained.” 

Many students typically look for explanations when there is a change in rules. If a rule that nearly half of the school is affected by is suddenly set in place with no explanation, students have a right to be confused, even angry. 

One of the many uses of student cars on campus is to store school supplies, such as textbooks and notebooks. Photo by: Soraya Stegall

While one of the big reasons the VHS administration decided to close the lot at break was due to the excessive amounts of tardies the school has, Rodriguez also has an additional reason. She said, “One of our goals is to build [a] school community among all grade levels. Nutrition on campus in populated eating areas provides this opportunity for engagement with peers and staff.” However, why should the entire student body be punished for just a portion of students? 

Regarding concern for seniors needing a place to put their books, Rodriguez said, “Seniors have access to lockers if requested.” Rodriguez also said that she does not plan to re-open the student parking lot during break at this time.

As many students are on the verge of adulthood, we should be moving towards a more independent lifestyle. At the same time, this rule feels as though we are moving backward in our independence and responsibility. Students will look forward to driving to school and parking in the student lot to enjoy visiting with their friends, as well as having their personal space available to store their school supplies and other necessities. Taking away parking lot from students during break cuts into the benefit of bringing a car to school.